As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.

Proverbs 27:17

This is a product page. The intention of this page is to increase the desire of all audience by speaking to the benefits of experiencing this product. Have them say "I want to be a part of that". Then we decrease labor -- tell how this product can help every audience, what to expect, and what they should do next. They should leave this page knowing how this product works and how it applies to Different audiences. Don't rely on them to search your entire site for the content, because most often, they will not. If an audience is helped in any way by this product, make sure to mention on that page how it applies to them. (Ie. if Small Groups is for adults, but offers Childcare, mention that Children get to have their own fun time just for them). Users don't care how you're organized, they care about seeing what applies to them. 

Become a Member 

God intends for us to grow in community, fellowship and love as we serve Him and others.  Establishing membership is your public witness that you are choosing Grace Church International as your spiritual home and place to grow spiritually, support financially as we impact the world globally. 


Complete the new members information form and let us know which of our campuses you are joining. Our administrative office will follow up to welcome you, and provide your unique member number, for your charitable giving record.


Spiritual growth through discipleship classes is the best way to develop as a new and seasoned believer.  Sign-up to attend the next virtual class.


Our small groups and ministries for adults, youth, children, seniors and men's ministry, provide several opportunities for fellowship,  outings, bible study and connection among your peers. 


We are a worshipping and serving community. We invite you to join in community engagement. by sharing in the opportunity to serve our local and global community.  

 New Member's class
VIRTUAL or On-Demand

New Member's Classes are offered live virtually via Zoom and On-Demand via our learning portal, for our virtual campus members who may be in time zones that do not allow them to participate in the live virtual setting and need the flexibility to study at their own pace. 

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